Friday, December 18, 2009

Cougar Basketball Game 6 vs Pershing

The 7th grade Cougars hosted Pershing Middle School in basketball Wednesday afternoon. The B team had played a great game against Reed on Monday and wanted to continue the trend in this game. The first few minutes started with the Cougars really doing a good job against the Generals and holding their own. The second half of the first quarter and the second quarter had the B team struggling to get the ball in basket despite running the plays correctly and Carver had only nine points at the half. Despite scoring twenty-one points in the second half the Cougars could not stop Pershing from scoring and lost the game 48-28. Leading the team with four defensive rebounds was Logan Werdeman. Showing defensive promise were Nayeem Choudhury and Josh Beach with two steals each and Tory Hall with two blocked shots. Offensive leaders were Cole Oliver with nine points and Noah Nease who scored six by hitting two three-pointers.

The A team came out strong in the first by playing tough defense and scoring quickly. Midway through the first the Cougars were only down two and at the end of the quarter the score was 13-7 in favor of the Generals. The second quarter was not kind to the Cougars, with the Generals hot shooting and Carver hitting only a free throw the score at half-time was 26-8.
The Cougars have showed a really tough side all season long and once again dug in and tried to make things happen in the second half. Hindered by foul trouble all game the Cougars were still giving all they had and came up with twenty points in the second half. Pershing proved to be too strong and was able to defeat Carver 48-29. Ben Sandy played a strong inside game on both offense and defense to lead the team with twelve points and six defensive rebounds. Jake Thompson snuck inside to pull in three defensive rebounds and scored four points as did his teammate Kendrick Price.

Carver will play a home game Monday against the Pleasant View Blue Jays.

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