Friday, January 7, 2011

Game 10 vs. Jarrett

The 7th grade Cougars ended the regular season with games against Jarrett Middle School on Wednesday. The B team fell behind early and found themselves down 8-4 at the start of the second quarter. With great decision making and tough defense Carver was able to jump ahead at the half 16-9. Darnell Parker led the team in offensive rebounds with nine, while teammates Nicholas Cole and Shamar Redix grabbed three. Chaviz Nguyen and Elvis Edwards helped the team build a 30-11 lead by leading the team with three assists each. The Cougar defense was so intense that Jarrett only scored two point the entire second half. Andrew Langley and Jordan Bollenbach led the team in defensive rebounds with four each while Elvis Edwards and Chaviz Nguyen had three steal apiece. Leading scorers in the 39-13 win were Darnell Parker with eight, Shamar Redix and Chavez Nguyen with seven. The B team finished with a winning record of 6-4.
The A team was cat quick from the start and forced the Jarrett Trojans into a fast tempo game. Settling into a team defense midway through the second quarter the Cougars were making things happen at both ends of the court and built a 25-10 lead at the half. Hayden Schmitz and Merrik Altis were busy pulling in defensive rebounds while teammates Nathan Townsen and Niekie Thomas were pressuring the Jarrett guards. Jarrett made a run in the third to get the lead down to ten but Carver responded with some baskets of their own and quickly regained momentum. Nathan Townsen and Niekie Thomas led the offense with four assist each while the trio of Schmitz Fowler and Altis combined for nine offense boards. Leading the Cougars in scoring in the 50-27 victory were Hayden Schmitz with sixteen points and Nathan Townsen with ten. The Cougars ended the season with an 8-2 record and are awaiting the start of the All-City Tournament on January 19th.

B team stats
Bollenbach 4 pts., 2 offensive rebounds, 1 assist, 1 defensive rebound
Cole 3 offensive rebounds, 1 defensive rebound, 1 steal
Edwards 2 pts., 1 offensive rebound, 3 steals
Langley 6 pts., 1 offensive reobund, 1 assists, 3 defensive rebounds, 1 steal
Nguyen 8 pts., 2 offensive rebounds, 3 assists, 1 defensive rebound, 3 steals
Parker 8 pts., 9 offensive rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals
Redix 9 pts., 3 offensive rebounds, 3 defensive rebounds
Ryan 2 pts., 1 offensive rebound, 1 assist, 1 defensive rebound
Laughlin 1 assist, 1 defensive rebound
A team stats
Altis 5 pts., 3 offensive rebounds, 1 assist, 3 defensive rebounds
Cole 2 pts., 2 offensive rebounds, 2 defensive rebounds
Fowler 2 pts., 3 offensive rebounds, 1 defensive rebound
Parker 2 defensive rebounds
Shcmitz 16 pts., 3 offensive rebounds, 6 defensive rebound,2 steals
Thomas 9 pts., 3 offensive rebounds, 3 assists, 2 defensive rebounds, 1 steal
Townsen 14 pts., 1 offensive rebound, 4 assists, 2 defensive rebound, 1 steal

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