Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Game 5 vs. Study

The 7th grade Cougars traveled to the Stars in search of victory yesterday. The B game was scheduled to be just two quarters and the Cougars found it difficult to get going in the first. Both teams were trying to push their offense into scoring quick baskets but defense from the two squads didn’t allow any easy points. The Cougars finally got some momentum going in the second quarter and wound up winning 11-7. Noah Tews pulled in a team high six rebounds while Darnell Parker led the team in scoring with three points.

The A game started out slowly for the Cougars as they struggled to find their groove early in the game and led by only one point at the end of the first quarter. Relying once again on their aggressive full court press the Cougars forced the Study Stars to make turnovers leading to the half-time score of 34-11. Hayden Schmitz was a beast on defense with five rebounds and five steals while Niekie Thomas, Nathan Townsen, and Seth Holyfield combined for twelve more. Carver dominated the second half as Nathan Townsen and Niekie Thomas led the way with twenty-one points and nine points respectively. Seth Holyfield pulled in six offensive rebounds and teammate Michael Fowler had five in the 49-28 win.
B team stats
Bollenbach 2 pts., 1 offensive rebound, 1 defensive rebound
Edwards 1 offensive rebound, 1 defensive rebound
Langley 1 offensive rebound, 1 steal
Nguyen 2 pts., 1 offensive rebound, 1 defensive rebound, 1 steals
Parker 3 pts., 3 offensive rebound,2 steals
Redix 2 defensive rebounds, 1 steals
Ryan 2pts., 3 offensive rebounds
Tews 2 pts., 4 offensive rebounds, 2 defensive rebounds, 1 steal
A team stats
Bollenbach 4 pts., 1 offensive rebound, 1 defensive rebound
Cole 1 offensive rebound. 1 defensive rebound
Fowler 5 offensive rebounds, 1 steal
Holyfield 7 pts., 6 offensive rebounds,1 defenisve rebound, 4 steals
Langley 2 offensive rebounds
Parker 1 defensive rebound
Redix 1 offensive rebound
Schmitz 6 pts., 3 offensive rebounds, 5 defensive rebounds, 5 steals
Smith 3 offensive rebound 3 defensive rebounds
Tews 2 offensvie rebounds, 1 defensive rebounds
Thomas 8 pts., 4 assists, 1 defensive rebounds,4 steals
Townsen 21 pts., 2 defensive reobunds, 4 steals
Next up for the Cougars is the Wednesday game at home against the Cherokee Indians.

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