Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Game 6 vs. Cherokee

The 7th grade Boys’ Basketball team hosted the Cherokee Indians in a packed house yesterday afternoon. The B team played tough throughout the game behind great defensive play from Darnell Parker, Noah Tews, and Andrew Langley. The Cougars were able to continue to keep within eight to ten points of the Indians in larger part to Chaviz Nguyen Elvis Edwards and Jordan Bollenbach making the offense work. Shannon Ryan pulled in four offensive rebounds while Darnell Parker led the team with four points. Despite a valiant effort the Cougars were overpowered and lost 44-28
The Carver A team was intent on beating Cherokee for a second time this season by hustling on defense while Cherokee had their own agenda as well and were hoping to upset the Cougars at home. The Indians jumped on the Cougars early and established a 26-12 lead in the first half. Carver was trying to play tough defense but found themselves with Michael Fowler and Seth Holyfield in foul trouble. Coltin Smith and Nicholas Cole stepped up and played significant minutes while trying to help their team get back in the game. The Cougars struggled to get into an offensive rhythm all night despite working hard to make things happen. Niekie Thomas was able to score eleven points, Nathan Townsen had nine, and Hayden Schmitz eight. The fourth quarter saw the Cougars outscore the Indians 15-9 even with all the fouling to get the ball back but in the end it was not enough and the team fell to Cherokee 47-36. It was a tough loss but the Cougars are a resilient team and plan on bouncing back against Reed next Monday.
B team stats
Bollenbach 4 pts.
Cole 4 pts.
Edwards 2 pts., 1 defensive rebound, 1 offensive rebound, 1 steal
Langley 1 pt., 2 defensive rebounds, 3 offensive rebounds
Nguyen 5 pts.
Parker 4 pts., 2 defensive rebounds, 4 steals
Redix 3 pts., 1 offensive rebound
Ryan 3 pts., 4 offensive rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal
Smith 1 offensive rebound
Tews 2 pts., 1 steal
A team stats
Altis 2 pts., 1 defensive rebound, 2 steals
Cole 2 pts., 1 defensive rebounds
Fowler 1 defensive rebound
Holyfield 1 offensive rebounds, 1 defensive rebound
Schmitz 8 pts.,2 defensive rebounds, 2 steals
Smith 2 pts., 1 offensive rebound
Thomas 11 pts., 1 assist, 3 defensive rebounds, 2 steals
Townsen 9 pts., 2 defenisve rebounds, 1 steal

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